Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. März 1938

The original design was to receive the portrait of Adolf Hitler with the text "EIN VOLK, EIN REICH, EIN FUHRER" on the front side and the German Eagle with Swastika on the obverse with the text "13 MARZ" above and "19 38" besides the eagle.
The final design received on the front two mens persons with flag, standing on the eagle with swastica. On the back was the text "EIN VOLK, EIN REICH, EIN FUHRER" and the date "13 MARZ 1938".

Grid List
Arnold, Karl-Horst* March 10th, 1918

Augsberger, Franz Xaver Josef Maria "Franz"* October 10th, 1905
† March 19th, 1945

Aumeier, Hans* August 20th, 1906
† January 28th, 1946

Axthelm, von, Walther* December 23rd, 1893
† January 6th, 1972