Orden Suvorova 2

The Second Class of the Order can be awarded to commanders of Corps, Divisions and Brigades, their deputies and their Chiefs of Staff for for having organised excellent army operations, defeating a numerically superior enemy.
The badge is a five-pointed star with radiating beams and made of gold. In the centre, on a matt silver background is the head of Marshall Suvorov in relief looking right. Above it the inscrption: 'Alexander Suvorov' in Cyrillic, below the head are sprays of laurel and oak.
The ribbon is of green moiré silk with a narrow orange stripe at each edge.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Babadzhanyan, Amazasp Khachaturovich18-02-190601-11-1977more 
Baidukov, Georgy Filippovich26-05-190728-12-1994more 
Batitsky, Pavel Fyodorovich27-06-191017-02-1984more 
Bazhanov, Yury Pavlovich23-04-190508-01-1975 
Beloborodov, Afanasy Pavlantyevich31-01-190301-09-1990more 
Berzarin, Nikolai Erastovich01-04-190416-06-1945more 
Biryuzov, Sergei Semyonovich21-08-190419-10-1964more 
Bogdanov, Semyon Ilyich29-08-189412-03-1960more 
Boiko, Ivan Nikiforovich24-11-191012-05-1975 
Bulganin, Nikolai Aleksandrovich11-06-189521-02-1975more