Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Iron Cross 2nd Class was still highly regarded. In later war years however it was rewarded with much more ease. Still most recipients would wear the award with the same amount of proud ness. The Iron Cross 2nd Class was the first grade within the Iron Cross that was to be obtained for an individual act of bravery.

The official criteria were the individual and single act of bravery in the face of the enemy or actions that were above and beyond the normal call of duty. The approximately three million awarded crosses were obtained by German Military, Axis military and civilian uniformed organisations.

The cross measures 44 mm in diameter and hangs from a ribbon in the colours black white and red. The wide red band in the middle is being flanked by two equal white bands that both again are being flanked by a black band. During the whole war the production was retained with a high quality. On the front side one can find a Swastika and the year 1939, while the obverse contains the year 1813 on the lower arm.

Almost all World War Two crosses were made out of three parts, the Iron core and a silver rim on the front and backside. The two silver rims were welded together, holding the iron core. The core was produced from iron and was blackened. This core made the Iron Cross to be magnetized. Some examples are not magnetized because they were produced with brass or cupper. This version was especially welcome with members of the Kriegmarine. This core lasted longer in the exposure of salty sea water. The rim was supposed to be made from silver, but more common was the use of “German Silver”, a less expensive alloy of cupper, zinc and nickel. At the top a ring was welded to hold the loop for the ribbon. On the loop one can often find the manufacturers name although it is not uncommon that no name is placed. Therefore the absence of the manufacturers name is not a criterion to classify the cross as original or not.

The Iron Cross could be received in two different ways. The most exclusive way was in a leather box. More common was the bleu coloured envelop with in gothic letters the words “Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse”. The presentation was accompanied with a standard document. The receiving was also to be written down in the recipients “Soldbuch”or “Wehrpass”. The document normally didn’t contain the reason for obtaining the Cross, although in some occasions it was written down on the backside of the document.

It was not usual to wear the decoration it self. In stead a ribbon was worn on the left breast of hanging from the second button hole of the tunic in the way of the former Prussian Army.

In 1957 a special version of the cross was produced. On this the Swastika was replaced with an oak leaf. The way military actions of the Second World War could be honoured without the use of the forbidden Nazi-symbols. Most veterans however choose to wear the decoration as a ribbon only. Most 1957 versions are of a lesser quality than wartime examples.

Springer, Heinrich Adolf Leopold* November 3rd, 1914
† October 27th, 2007

Borchers, Adolf* February 10th, 1913
† February 9th, 1996

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Albrecht, Walter08-05-191423-05-1944 
Adolph, Walter11-06-191318-09-1941 
Arendt, Velten-Reinhardt28-03-191923-03-1945 
Ambrosius, Lothar11-05-190309-01-1971more 
Aust, Willi   
Aulock, von, Johannes   
August, Karl   
Auer, Otto   
Auer, Erwin   
Asinger, Hermann   
Aselmann, Helmut   
Aschenbrenner, Eugen   
Artus, Hans   
Artopoeus, Bernhard   
Arntz, Helmut   
Arnold, Franz   
Arnim, von, Georg   
Arnhold, Rudolf   
Arndt, Karl   
Arndt, Georg   
Appel, Ludwig   
Angerstein, Otto   
Angermann, Wilhelm   
Androw, Otto   
Andresen, Julius   
Anders, Max   
Anders, Heinz   
Ammon, Friedrich   
Amling, Willi   
Aly, Günther   
Altstädt, Erich   
Altmann, Josef   
Altmann, Hans   
Arnold, Friedrich (WH-Sturmgeschütz)10-05-191901-09-2006 
Arndt, Fritz01-06-191012-03-2003 
Ammer, Hermann08-03-191409-12-2000more 
Adrian, Josef-Hubert25-09-191100-03-1945 
Althoff, Karl-Heinz   
Almstedt, Heinrich   
Allritz, Hermann   
Alles, Konrad   
Albrecht, Reinhold   
Albrecht, Erich   
Albiez, Wilhelm   
Aigner, Sebastian   
Adamowitsch, Felix20-11-191910-02-2013 
Ahrens, Hermann   
Ahlburg, Richard   
Adrian, Paul   
Adolph, x   
Adam, Walter   
Ackermann, Albert   
Abraham, Wolfgang   
Abraham, Willi   
Ablinger, Alois   
Abel, Walter   
Augustin, Hans05-08-1905 more 
Attenberger, Franz-Xaver19-07-191509-08-1991 
Assmann, Alois03-06-191326-10-1987 
Ammann, Franz03-11-191918-08-1943more 
Amado Lóriga, Santiago12-04-189031-01-1974 
Abbas, Horst07-09-1910  
Abel, Josef03-01-191401-12-1984more 
Altner, Ernst-Georg04-12-190112-04-1945more 
Auerbach, Alfons04-02-192304-02-1944 
Altendorf, Rudolf16-07-191901-01-1945 
Arlow, Burghard06-11-191423-04-1945 
Asböck, Otto25-03-192614-11-1944 
Abel, Fritz-Wilhelm28-11-191902-03-1945more 
Aust, Friedrich   
Auras, Wolfgang   
Aulerich, Werner   
Au, von der, Friedrich   
Attenberger, Georg   
Apsel, Friedrich   
Antes, Paul   
Angerer, Hermann   
Andrä, Heinrich08-07-1915 more 
Anders, Georg   
Amsel, Georg   
Ambrosy, Gerhard   
Alexander, Heinz   
Albers, Hans-Peter20-11-191410-03-1956more 
Aichwalder, Josef   
Ahrens, Friedrich06-05-1916 more 
Adam, Hans-Hermann10-08-1911 more 
Abs, Gerhard   
Aberle, Heinrich   
Abel, Werner   
Abel, Dr., Ulrich03-03-191223-04-1944 
Austermann, Johannes24-06-190612-08-1973more 
Amling, Fritz17-01-191606-03-1994 
Angelmaier, Heinz22-07-191812-01-2014more 
Auner, Kurt05-05-1914  
Adamsons, Miervaldis29-06-191023-08-1948more 
Albowitz, Herbert   
Anlauft, Karl-Heinz15-05-191600-00-1977 
Angerbauer, Alfred   
Alteneder, Dr., Friedrich07-04-190912-01-1987 
Auerhammer, Otto   
Augenstein, Hans-Heinz11-07-192106-12-1944 
Autti, Pietari Aleksanteri17-08-189323-10-1959more 
Andersen, Klaus19-10-1918  
Anders, Richard03-01-191509-09-1993more 
Aho, Johannes Martti19-11-189621-06-1968 
Amerkamp, Siegfried25-03-192003-09-1995more 
Auer, Karl20-10-191631-03-1997 
Astegher, Hans15-07-1916  
Arnold, Heinz12-02-1919  
Andexer, Günther   
Axthammer, Erich Michael03-12-192021-12-2015 
Asshoff, Bruno15-02-1914  
Anhalt, Wilhelm28-03-191713-06-1979more 
Aperats, Karlis04-03-189216-07-1944more 
Ancans, Robert11-11-191901-01-1982more 
Alter, Max17-01-191015-03-2001 
Aster, Hans-Heinrich28-10-1921 more 
Ascherfeld, Willy21-03-191013-04-1945 
Arendt, Kurt Dietrich Paul08-10-191709-01-1945 
Andres, Ernst19-09-192111-02-1945more 
Altacher, Eduard24-01-191927-05-1945 
Abratis, Herbert Karl21-03-191829-03-1945more 
Ayerle, Ludwig   
Autenrieth, Hans 08-06-1996 
Augustin, Lothar   
Auffhammer, Fritz28-11-191414-06-2002 
Arent, Peter Nikolaus26-06-191703-12-1942 
Alsleben, Dietrich06-04-192022-02-1945 
Arndt, Johannes07-10-190606-07-1944more 
Anzinger, Max15-09-191114-06-1944more 
Audorff, Paul06-02-190417-01-1981more 
Albers, Hans-Wilhelm12-06-191404-06-1944more 
Abraham, Erich Max Robert16-11-192108-12-1943 
Abele, Arnulf08-11-191402-07-2000 
Abel, Adolf Wilhelm18-10-191426-08-1944more 
Aldrian, Franz20-09-1895 more 
Albert, d', Benvenuto24-10-1919  
Abromeit, Heinz03-08-1918  
Altermann, Karl-Heinz04-06-192226-11-2013more 
Aghta, Egon August29-01-191802-05-1945 
Arpke, Helmut03-03-191716-01-1942 
Altmann, Gustav13-04-191220-02-1981more 
Auer, Rupert   
Annuss, Gottfried Julius Karl09-03-191227-10-1985 
Albrecht, Fritz Wilhelm Karl23-12-190529-04-1977more 
Adrario, Friedrich29-11-191825-06-2011more 
Ahrens, Hinrich15-03-192131-12-2009more 
Alex, Ernst01-03-191525-10-1965more 
Adolff, Heinz-Paul29-06-191417-07-1943 
Altenaichinger, Robert03-01-192000-02-1994 
Albrecht, Hans-Joachim18-03-192000-02-1945 
Aldinger, Hermann22-07-190701-11-1993 
Antrup, Wilhelm "Willy"01-02-191014-11-1984more 
Andorfer, Anton23-12-191911-04-1945more 
Amelung, Heinz-Günther09-04-191726-12-1964 
Ammann, Paul05-08-192009-08-1991 
Alpers, Friedrich Ludwig Herbert25-03-190103-09-1944more 
Albrecht, Egon19-05-191825-08-1944more 
Aigen, Reinhard20-05-191319-09-1943more 
Ahnert, Heinrich-Wilhelm29-04-191523-08-1942 
Aechtner, Fritz04-03-191601-05-2007 
Ademeit, Horst08-02-191207-08-1944more 
Ackermann, Georg02-03-191816-12-2007more 
Abrahamczik, Rudolf17-04-192004-12-1996 
Adam, Helmut01-10-191601-12-1942 
Ansons, Zanis04-12-191124-11-1968more 
Anzenhofer, Hermann05-06-192425-04-1945 
Appelt, Horst19-12-1915 more 
Anzinger, Max02-09-192012-01-1944 
Andres, Josef   
Amthor, Richard   
Ammeling, Bernhard22-01-191708-07-1943more 
Agarici, Horia06-04-191113-07-1982 
Ambos, Johann "Hans"  more 
Altendorf, Heinz26-02-191714-09-2008 
Allexi, Josef11-06-1914  
Alber, Robert13-10-190607-06-1988 
Asendorf, Wilhelm27-11-1920  
Apel, Heinrich12-06-1913  
Alexy, Hans24-02-191907-06-2007 
Abel, Karl   
Abendroth, von, Ferdinand Max Karl04-01-191616-07-1944 
Achilles, Albrecht Adolf Konrad15-01-191427-09-1943 
Achtermann, Wilhelm   
Ackermann, Herbert29-12-191625-08-1943 
Adolph, Günther   
Adrian, Ulrich19-03-191505-10-1941 
Afheldt, Eckard15-08-192103-12-1999 
Ager, Franz14-02-1915  
Ahlers, Bruno03-11-1915 more 
Ahnert, Heinz17-07-1917  
Ahrens, Albert25-07-191710-03-1980 
Ahrens, Gerd01-08-191603-09-2007more 
Ahrens, Helmut  more 
Ahrens, Wilhelm "Willi"01-10-191226-08-1998 
Aigner, Anton30-11-191416-11-1999 
Aigner, Hellmuth18-12-1905  
Aigner, Ludwig15-07-1916  
Albat, Ernst18-05-191700-00-1992 
Alber, Hermann12-11-191502-08-1944 
Albert, Wilhelm24-04-191715-12-2004 
Albohm, Wilhelm19-03-192207-08-2001 
Albrecht, Heino09-03-192126-10-1995 
Albrecht, Oskar24-09-191413-11-1992more 
Albrecht, Otto16-08-1912  
Albrecht, Willy07-07-190709-09-1996 
Albust, Rudolf28-06-191309-04-1945 
Aldenhoven, Franz02-02-192306-07-1943 
Alexy, Mathias   
Allersmeier, Heinz24-03-191723-03-2001more 
Allmacher, Friedrich "Fritz"03-12-191426-12-1944more 
Alm, Karl04-01-191923-11-1944more 
Altenburger, Günther19-09-191423-03-2009 
Altstadt, Rudolf16-01-191427-05-1974more 
Alvensleben, von, Ludolf-Hermann17-03-1901 more 
Alves, Erich   
Aman, x   
Amann, Herbert11-10-191912-01-1944more 
Amann, Thomas31-08-190102-02-1944 
Ambrosius, Wilhelm14-06-190319-09-1955more 
Ameiser, Anton01-08-190720-02-1976 
Amelung, Günther08-04-191429-03-1944 
Amlacher, Kurt01-05-192102-05-1945more 
Ammermann, Rolf13-07-190923-03-1945 
Ammon, Lothar   
Amsberg, von, Joachim28-12-190327-05-1981 
Anacker, Friedrich   
Anders, Friedrich04-11-191707-03-1988 
Anding, Friedrich26-06-191507-02-1996more 
André, Harro19-06-191702-03-1943 
André, Heinrich   
Andree, Harry02-10-191315-08-1944more 
Andrei, Tudor25-03-1915  
Andres, Hans11-04-192225-03-1944 
Andrä, Heinz03-09-1921  
Angel, Otto20-02-191314-10-2002 
Anhalt, Günther23-01-190627-04-1945more 
Aniol, Georg   
Aniszewski, Bruno26-03-1919  
Anneken, Udo11-10-191711-10-1997more 
Apelt, Fedor14-10-190415-04-1988more 
Apitz, Willy27-01-191628-02-2004 
Apitzsch, Karl-Arthur25-10-192001-01-1943 
Apollot, Francois   
Appel, Heinrich01-10-1920 more 
Appen, von, Karl   
Arentschildt, von, Alexander27-04-191122-06-1999 
Argast, Ernst   
Armberger, Josef26-06-192021-08-1944more 
Arndt, Bruno   
Arnold, Karl-Horst10-03-1918 more 
Asbahr, Erhardt14-03-191417-07-1943 
Ascher, Dietrich23-04-192308-10-2010 
Auberger, Josef19-03-1919 more 
Audenrieth, Georg20-07-191715-01-1999 
Auer, Heinrich   
Auer, Ludwig   
Auert, Heinz11-06-192118-02-2002 
Auge, Wilhelm 22-01-1989 
Augsberger, Franz Xaver Josef Maria "Franz"10-10-190519-03-1945more 
Austen, Hans27-07-191824-01-1994 
Ax, Adolf23-06-190606-02-1983 
Axmann, Artur "Arthur"15-02-191324-10-1996more 
Axtmann, Fritz07-12-191413-09-1943