Inberg, Albert Heinrich

Date of birth:
August 4th, 1907 (Sölde/Westphalia, Germany)
Date of death:
September 18th, 1944 (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)


Albert Inberg was born August 4th, 1907 in Sölde, Germany. He was born a German due to the naturalisation of his father.
He lived in Brunssum with his wife, A. Inberg-Koks where he was employed as a miner. Because of his marriage, he had the Dutch nationality. Albert was actively engaged in the resistance, he hid fugitives and was caught August 31st, 1944 with a weapon and dynamite in his possession. He was handed over the SIPO (security police). He was executed September 18th, 1944 in Amsterdam and cremated by order of the occupying forces.
His name is engraved on a monument on the public cemetery in Brunssum.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Burger (Civilian)
Awarded on:
October 14th, 1982
Awarded posthumously.
Verzetsherdenkingskruis (VHK)