Wojciechowski, Tadeusz Zygfryd Josef "Tad"

Date of birth:
March 11th, 1924 (Turun, Poland)
Date of death:
March 17th, 1952 (Malaya)


During the Second World War, Tad Wojciechowski flew a total of 61 operational sorties and destroyed a Focke-Wulf FW 190.

After the Second World War he served in Malaya with No. 60 Squadron and was missing in action with his DeHavilland Vampire WG871 on March 17th, 1952. His plane was found in the jungle in 1957, but no trace was found of the pilots remains.

August 15th, 1944: Warrant Officer.

September 1939: 6. Dywizja Piechoty (6th Infantry Division);
August 19th, 1940: Polish Air Force in Britain;
?: Polish Air Force Training Centre, Blackpool;
March 1st, 1941: No. 315 Squadron;
September 12th, 1941: No. 15 Elementary Flying Training School, Kingstown;
?: No. 39 Service Flying Training School, Swift Current, Canada;
November 6th, 1942: No. 7 Advanced Flying Unit, Petersborough, England;
January 12th, 1943: No. 1601 Target Towing Flight, Weston Zoyland;
?: No. 1611 Target Towing Flight, Bircham Newton;
September 28th, 1943: No. 61 Operational Training Unit, Rednall;
January 18th, 1944: No. 317 (Wilenski) Squadron;
May 20th, 1944: No. 84 Group Support Unit;
June 8th, 1944: No. 317 (Wilenski) Squadron;
July 15th, 1944: No. 84 Group Support Unit;
August 18th, 1944: No. 302 (Poznanski) Squadron;
November 7th, 1944: Polish Air Force Depot, Blackpool;
January 9th, 1945: Staff No. 16 (Polish) Service Flying Training School, Newton;
?: Polish Resettlement Corps;
?: No. 60 Squadron.

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