101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles", U.S. Army

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Sanchez, Mariano 21-12-1944 
Schmitz, Raymond G. 23-09-1944 
Schneider, Clyde C.   
Self, Carl C.   
Sellers, Harold Eugene (501st PIR)00-00-192206-06-1944 
Seny, Joe   
Shames, Edward D. "Ed"13-06-1922 more 
Shaub, Benjamin C.11-10-192107-11-1944 
Sheridan, Francis W.   
Shurter, Robert Allison, Jr.00-04-192100-07-1979 
Sims, Hugo Sheridan, Jr.14-10-192109-07-2004 
Sink, Robert Frederick "Uncle Bob"03-04-190513-12-1965more 
Sisk, Wayne A. "Skinny"04-03-002213-07-1999 
Smith, George H., Jr.   
Sobel, Herbert M.26-01-191230-09-1987 
Speirs, Ronald C. "Sparky"20-04-192011-04-2007 
Spina, Ralph F. "Doc"05-10-191912-08-2007more 
Sprecher, Kenneth Ned   
Stanfield, Frank R.   
Stopka, John P. 14-01-1945 
Suerth, Herbert J.28-10-192414-10-2017more 
Summers, Harrison C.12-07-191803-08-1983 
Swanson, Wallace A. 16-06-2004more 
Awarded on: September 21st, 1946
"Awarded to the Divisional Colours of the 82nd Airborne Division and all individual members who served in the Arnhem opearations in the period from September 17th to November 28th 1944."
Ministerial Decree of 21st September 1946.
Oranje Erekoord
Awarded on: October 6th, 1982
Verzetsherdenkingskruis (VHK)