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Good Conduct Medal - Army

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Call, William J. "Bill"   
Calugas, Jose29-12-190718-01-1988more 
Campbell, James A., Sr.22-09-192318-10-2003 
Canterbury, Richard W.   
Caple, Dale   
Capozi, Angelo R.01-01-191626-08-2011 
Cappadona, Peter R. 22-02-1945 
Carlson, Sivert J.12-04-192211-04-1945more 
Carter, Edward, A. Jr.26-05-191630-01-1963more 
Casner, Harry F.06-02-1919  
Casson, George Asher31-01-191406-06-1994 
Castella, Donald Joseph   
Cerrato, Rocco F.01-02-1916 more 
Chaffee, Ira M.   
Chamberlin, John C. "Jack"09-11-192007-02-1990more 
Chambers, Jerome B.06-05-1925 more 
Chapman, James Price22-04-191922-11-2003 
Chatoian, Edward B. 06-06-1991 
Chilcote, Harley   
Chilson, Llewellyn M.01-04-192000-00-1981more 
Chisolm, Robert E.   
Christ, George E., Jr.29-07-191523-10-2003 
Christel, George A.21-04-191830-04-1945more 
Christensen, George E.05-04-1920 more 
Christy, Albert M.14-06-1914  
Chrudimsky, Earl  more 
Circelli, Frank J. 11-07-1989 
Clark, Fred J., Jr.   
Clark, Harold W.19-11-192400-10-1979more 
Clark, Max00-00-189724-10-1944more 
Clavett, Walter Roger15-07-1921  
Clevenger, Thomas K. 02-11-2004 
Colburn, Edward R.   
Colcord, Herbert N., Jr.09-07-1925 more 
Cole, Arthur Paul07-03-192213-06-2005more 
Collins, Edward P. 00-11-2015 
Conner, Garlin Murl02-06-191905-11-1998more 
Connor, Jimmy  more 
Conrad, Carl L.00-00-192300-02-1994more 
Coogan, John Leslie "Jackie"14-10-191401-03-1984more 
Cook, Garland B.12-01-191502-04-1977more 
Coolidge, Charles Henry04-08-1921 more 
Coon, Kenneth R. 00-00-1993more 
Cornelius, Joseph D.   
Cortez, Daniel24-06-192616-12-1944more 
Coulter, Richard E. 02-03-2009 
Cox, James H.16-01-191728-01-2009more 
Craig, Orville B.20-10-1919 more 
Crawford, William John "Bill"19-05-191815-03-2000more 
Crim, William.L04-12-1921 more 
Crook, Cecil Earl16-03-192623-06-2001