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Good Conduct Medal - Army

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Gahagan, Joseph Eugene29-05-1925  
Garza, Jose A.   
Geidel, Merlin E.21-06-1919  
Geppert, William01-03-191817-09-2014 
Gerry, Paul N.13-10-1914  
Giglio, Pasquale John19-07-1921  
Giles, Grant30-05-192219-08-2001more 
Gilliland, Fred Spencer28-03-191800-08-1986 
Gitlin, Sydney17-08-1923 more 
Gonski, Henry20-01-191800-07-1982 
Gonzales, Pablo   
Gonzalez, Moises27-06-1921  
Gordon, Walter Scott "Smokey", Jr.15-04-192019-04-1997 
Gouge, Howard H.28-02-192204-05-1990 
Grabiarz, William J.25-03-192523-02-1945more 
Graves, William Andrew30-09-1920  
Greeson, Francis V.   
Griffin, Robert Glaye21-02-192408-01-2008 
Griffith, Bennie Willis, Jr.00-00-192100-00-1988more 
Griffith, Franklin Etheridge   
Guarnere, William J. "Wild Bill"28-04-192208-03-2014more 
Guidry, Arnold J.   
Gularek, Francis M.14-04-192227-08-1999more