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Good Conduct Medal - Army

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Ramirez, Antonio G.03-03-1912  
Raybuck, Donald Eugene13-01-1918 more 
Rayson, John R.   
Reagan, Blaine B. 00-00-1965 
Reagan, Ronald Wilson06-02-191105-06-2004 
Reed, Larkin C.02-03-192431-10-1985 
Reed, Ronald H.05-06-192513-03-1980more 
Reisenleiter, Harry L.10-07-192208-12-1998 
Rescigno, Gerald A.05-03-192320-09-2014 
Restifo, Joseph T.09-03-191903-04-2009 
Richardson, Fayette O. "Rich"20-04-192326-03-2010 
Risnes, Marvin L.08-04-192213-12-1993 
Ritter, Ozias D.03-10-1919 more 
Robertson, James T. 03-09-1992 
Roderick, Arthur David  more 
Roe, Eugene Gilbert "Doc"17-10-192230-12-1998more 
Roehrich, Carl F.21-10-192324-03-1945 
Roseberry, Joseph E.04-12-192112-04-1945more 
Ross, Carlos Wayne 09-02-1998 
Rossman, John William   
Rozenkrantz, David “Rosie”31-10-191627-09-1944more 
Rulli, Anthony R.28-09-1923  
Ruppe, Frank23-10-192011-05-1989 
Ryan, Francis  more