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World War I Victory Medal

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Carpender, Arthur Schuyler "Chips"24-10-188410-01-1960more 
Cary, Robert Webster18-08-189015-07-1967more 
Callaghan, Daniel Judson26-07-189213-11-1942more 
Covell, William Edward Raab29-11-189216-08-1975more 
Champeny, Arthur Seymour13-08-189311-04-1979more 
Cates, Clifton Bledsoe31-08-189304-06-1970more 
Chennault, Claire Lee06-09-189327-07-1958more 
Clement, William Tardy27-09-189417-10-1955more 
Chapman, Elbridge Gerry, Jr.20-11-189506-07-1954more 
Campbell, Colin23-11-189526-07-1970more 
Clark, Max00-00-189724-10-1944more 
Clay, Lucius Dubignon23-04-189716-04-1978more 
Craw, Demas Thurlow "Nick"09-04-190008-11-1942more 
Caldwell, Rex Smith, Sr.05-09-190101-10-1961more