Ridder vierde klasse der Militaire Willems Orde (MWO.4)

The Order was instituted by King William I in 1815 and is the highest military Order in the Netherlands. It is awarded to military personnel of all ranks and services as well as to civilians for 'most conspicious acts of bravery, leadership and extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy'. The badge is an eight-pointed Maltese cross of white enamel, each point being tipped by a golden pearl. On the arms, the words 'Voor moed, beleid en trouw' (For Courage, Conduct and Loyalty). The cross rests on a saltire of laurels. The reverse shows a medaillion of blue enamel with the letter 'W' on it and a laurel wreath.
The badge is suspended from the Royal Crown with a ring on top through which the ribbon passes. The ribbon is yellow with two broad stripes of purple. The Knight Fourth Class is the lowest class of the Order; the recipient wears a badge in silver and enamel.

Grid List
Bavinck, Koert* January 7th, 1926

Blankenship, Robert C.* April 13th, 1921
August 13th, 1970

Billingslea, Charles* May 16th, 1914
March 14th, 1989

Barnett, John Patrick* November 23rd, 1908
November 13th, 1992

Bijnen, van, Johannes Arnoldus* May 31st, 1910
December 1st, 1944

Bussemaker, Antonie Jacobus* February 1st, 1900
December 15th, 1941

Burgerhout, Hugo Victor Benjamin* May 21st, 1913
March 7th, 1988

Bruggink, Gerardus Meinardus* August 4th, 1917
December 5th, 2005

Bouman, Martinus Antonius Marie* May 5th, 1899
May 2nd, 1943
Plot: E Grave: 55

Borssum Buisman, van, Garrelt Andreas* September 26th, 1915
January 28th, 1991

Borghouts, Johannes Josephus Franciscus* December 5th, 1910
February 5th, 1966

Bolman, Isaac Helenus* May 27th, 1895
August 23rd, 1943

Bodaan, Antonie Hubertus* August 5th, 1914
May 10th, 1940
Row: 13 Grave: 56

Biallosterski, Tobias "Tobs"* April 18th, 1920
February 26th, 1945

Beukema toe Water, Frederik Karel Tjark* September 21st, 1911
November 30th, 1997

Bestebreurtje, Arie Dirk "Harry"* April 12th, 1916
January 21st, 1983

Berg, van den, Willem Carel* October 15th, 1889

Bemmel, van, Cornelis Henrik* August 14th, 1912
March 21st, 1945
Plot: A Grave: 1056

Beekmans, Bernardus* October 12th, 1907
May 10th, 1940
Row: 13 Grave: 14

Bakker, Bartele Broer* March 13th, 1918
May 16th, 1988