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Title ISBN  
F4F Wildcat vs A6M Zero-sen 9781780963228  
Fabriek van officieren  
Falaise - The flawed victory 9781844157600  
Falaise Pocket 9780750930147  
Fall Braun 9789066630147  
Fallen Giants 978-178155626  
Fallen Soviet Generals 0714643467  
Fallschirmjäger in Crete 9782913903371  
Famous Fighters of the Second World War 9780385123952  
Fat man in Nagasaki 9789061353089  
Fatal Crossroads 9780306811937  
Felsennest, das vergessene Führerhauptquartier in der Eiffel 9783938208212  
Fields of Fire 9780802037800  
Fields of War: Battle of Normandy 9780982367735  
Fighter Command 1936-1968 9781844156139  
Fighting for Canada Seven Battles: 1758-1945 9781896941165  
Fighting Fox Company 9781612002  
Fighting Fox Company 9781612007113  
Fighting from Home 9780774841047  
Fighting in Normandy 9781853674600  
Fighting Ships of World War Two volume 1 9798705448036  
Fighting Spirit  
Fighting the Breakout 9781853675843  
Fighting them on the beaches 1841931136  
Final Voyages 9781563112898  
Find ''Em, Chase ''Em, Sink ''Em 9780762784301  
Finding a Voice: Problems of Language in East German Society and Culture 9789042006102  
Finding your father's war 9781932033144  
Finse azen uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog 8483724375  
Fire From the Sky 9781473814219  
First Airborne Task Force 9782960017625  
First special service force 1942-1944 9781841769684  
First to Fight 9781847924612 review
First U-Boat Flotilla 9780850528169  
Fleets of World War II 0306811162  
Focke-Wulf Fw 190-azen aan het Oostfront 8483724359  
Fokker C.5 9789086160730  
Fokkers in uniform 9789036603522  
Follow Me! 0898390990  
For Crew and Country 9781250021243  
For Free India 9789460190162  
For Fuhrer and Fatherland 9780912138145  
Forgotten Battles of the German-Soviet War (1941-1945)  
Forgotten fleet 9780646260488  
Forgotten Victory 9781771621052  
Forgotten Warriors 9781457545917  
Formation Badges 9782915762518  
Fort Eben Emael 9781841768212  
Fortnight of Infamy 9781591140962  
Foto's aus Sobibor 9783863315061  
Fotoboek 1940-1945  
Four Stars of Hell 0898390591  
Four Stars of Valor 9780760326649  
Fout en niet goed 9789077895641  
Fout goud 9789023485872  
Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Biography 9780313323379  
Franklin Roosevelt: wereldleider in oorlog en vrede 9789058268105  
Frauen KZ Ravenbrück 3326001436  
Frauen KZ Ravensbrück  
Freely I served 0898390613  
French Tanks of World War II (1) 9781472807755  
Friedrich Knolle 9789059119123  
Friend or Foe 9780850523850  
Friesland 1940-1945 9033013045  
Friesland en de Tweede Wereldoorlog 9789033014628  
Frigates of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1943 - 1974 9780920277225  
Frits de zwerver 9062071023  
Frits de Zwerver 9789059779389  
Frits de zwerver, twaalf jaar strijd tegen de Nazi-terreur 9789062071029  
From Beachhead To Brittany 9780811703253  
From Brittany to the Reich 9780811711685  
From Brittany to the Reich 9781451568134  
From Delhi to Arnhem 9780956044402  
From Empire Defence to the Long Haul 0642259070  
From farmland to soldiers cemetery 9789086801510  
From Fedala to Berchtesgaden  
From Juno Beach to Dieppe 9791091044110  
From Normandy to the Baltic  
From Normandy to the Ruhr 9780966638974  
From Poplar to Papua 9781560373230  
From the Arctic Circle to the Don River 9781468063271  
From the Beaches to the Baltic  
From the Children's Home to the Gas Chamber 9798710601  
From the Desert to the Baltic 9780718306397  
From War to Peace 9781399009614  
Frontkameraden 9789077895863  
Frontzwijnen 9789078840039  
Frundsberg France 1943 9782840482642  
Fw 190-azen in de aanval 8483722674  
FW 200 Condor units of World War 2 978142812674