After having been dominated by German rulers, Poland, Sweden and the Russian Empire, the Republic Latvia was declared independant on 18th November 1918 by the government of Karlis Ulmanis. The Soviets saw this government as just a German puppet-state and supported the forming of the Latvian Socialist Sovjet State on 17th December 1918. With the support of the Western Allies and Polish forces, it succeeded in trhowing back the communist forces and the few Germans that were still in Latvia. Ulmanis regained his power on 8th July 1919. In the thirties of the twentieth century, Ulmanis tried to gain more power for the president. His wishes were rejected by the parliament and so he committed a coup on 15th May 1934. In 1936 he became President himself. From this moment Latvia was in fact a dictatorship.

at the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939, Latvia was forced to take in 30.000 Soviet military. In the summer of 1940 the Soviets demanded a Soviet controlled government to be formed. Elections that were held were directed in such a way that the communist and Soviet-partners gained total power. During the very first session of the new parliament the Latvian Soviet...

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Aizsargu Nuopelnu KrustsCross of Merit of Latvijas Aizsargi
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Hawks of Daugava pinIn the database: 1
Triu zvaigzdziu ordinas Grand OfficerGrand Officer of theOrder of the Three Stars
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Triu zvaigzdziu ordinas CommanderIn the database: 2
Triu zvaigzdziu ordinas KnightIn the database: 3

War and Service Decorations Air Force

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