Many of the decorations on WW2Awards lack a description or a good description. We are looking for volunteers that are interested in making these desrciptions with the help of sources from the internet and out of books.All you need to do is provide us with the description and a list of sources. Other volunteers in the team will provide the translation in Dutch and add it to the website.
Are you interested, let us know.

When you are interested in doing other work to the website or want to be able to add your description yourself, after some training that is also possible.
Searching and adding data from other sources to the website

By researching books, sources on the internet, newspapers etc, making additions and improvements to excisting data and entering new data to persons and/or decorations. Making additions and improvements will be done with sources provided by the volunteer, owened by the volunteer or researched by the volunteer. After a short period (for at least half a year or until the volunteer reaches the age of 18) the volunteer will work under the supervision of an experienced volunterr. After that the work will be more independent. After the supervision period has ended, the volunteer is also allowed to contact third parties on behalf of the website.

The work will be done on an online maintenance website from sources in the hands of the volunteer or found on the internet. Wished sources have to be bought by the volunteer personally. To obtain third party resources a small budget is available, but can only be used through persmission form the Project Manager. During the supervision period, the volunteer can only add data, that will be placed online by the supervisor. After the supervision period the volunteer will be doing this on his own.

Additional information or replies to:
Project Manager Wilco Vermeer (
For translating from Dutch to English and the other way around, we are in search of volunteers.

On the website, short English language and Dutch language texts are being added that need to be translated. It is imortent these are correctly translated.

After a short period of introduction, where our head translator will judge your work, you will be able to work on translation requests of other volunteers and add them to the website.


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