The first country with the name of Lithuania was established on July 6th, 1253, when Mindaugas, who united a number of Batlic tribes, was crowned King of Lithuania. Although he was assasinated in 1263, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania by the end of the 14th Century was one of the largest European states, including present day Belarus and Ukrain and also parts of Poland and Russia.
In 1385 the then ruling Grand Duke Jogaila, accepted becoming the King of Poland, creating an union between Poland and Lithuania which finally was established formally in 1569 as a Commonwealth.
In 1772, 1792 and 1795, the Russian Empire, Prussia and Austria ruled the region and partitioned the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth between themselves.

During the First World War, the COuncil of Lithuania declared independence of the Republic of Lithuania on February 16th, 1918. Straight away there were major disputes on territory with Poland and Germany. The Polish Army occupied the Vilnius Region and annexed it in 1922. The Klaipeda Region was lost to Germany by revolution.

After the German-Soviet invasion of Poland, the Soviets gave Vilnius back to Lithuania, but occupied the complete nation in June...

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