Gray, Arthur John Douglas

Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
625 Field Squadron Grenadier Guards
Awarded on:
April 19th, 1945
"Throughout the period May 1 to Aug 31 1944, Sergt Gray on many occasions displayed consistent coolness and gallantry. On July 8 he went forward to make a reconnaissance of a demolition near Gubbio, then held by the enemy. In spite of accurate mortar fire he completed his examination of the obstacle, uncovering and neutralising several Teller and S-mines. Later when work was in progress, mortar fire caused the working party to take cover. Sergt Gray refused to leave the site and continued work amid spasmodic mortar fire until the object was passable.

Again on Aug. 30, Sergt. Gray's troop was working on the road Borselli-Mentone in bright moonlight. While clearing large booby-trapped trees, the party was shelled. Sergt. Gray ordered his party to take cover, and continued to trace the trip wires and neutralise the charges on his own. He then sawed the branches away, and by dawn had managed to cut a one-way track past the obstacle. His leadership on such occasions has been a great inspiration to his troops."
Military Medal (MM)