Allan, George Ingram

Date of birth:
1908 (Davidson/Saskatchewan, Canada)
Date of death:
January 22nd, 1945
Mentioned on:
Air Forces Memorial Runnymede
Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Flying Officer
No.692 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on:
February 16th, 1945
"This officer, as navigator and bomb aimer, has now completed a very large number of operational sorties against well defended and far distant targets in Western Germany. He has at all times shown a high standard of skill in navigation and an admirable determination in the performance of his duties, both in the air and on the ground.
In the face of enemy opposition he has displayed coolness and courage of a high order and a complete disregard of personal safety. For his praiseworthy example of all-round ability and quiet sense of devotion to duty he is strongly recommended for the non-immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Cross."
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)