Giles, John Robert

Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
The Essex Regiment
Awarded on:
October 19th, 1944
"On 15th June 1944 this Other Rank together with one officer and Lance Corporal was ordered to move forward at night from Buceel to Tilly and ascertain whether or not the enemy were still in occupation of this village. The patrol set out at 2300 hrs and on approaching the outskirts of Tilly they were fired on by an enemy Light Machine Gun position. The NCO threw a 36 Grenade in amongst the position and apparently silenced it. Unknown to Private Giles, the officer and NCO had both been hit and began to withdraw. Thinking that Giles was 'Getaway' man, would be behind them, and they eventually made their way back to our own lines. Meanwhile Giles having hidden up, assuming that the officer and NCO had moved forward again, resumed the advance. He reached the cemetery at La Butte and walked until dawn. He then found that he was in the midst of the enemy position. Altogether by laying in the enemy lines for two nights and a day and a half, making careful note of the enemy disposal. On 17th June when the Battalion *** attacked Tilly he ran out in face of enemy and our own fire with complete disregard for his own life to present his company commander with the vital information about the enemy's dispositions."
LG 36753/4790
Military Medal (MM)