Friedlander, Bernard

South African


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Second World War (1939-1945)
3rd Battalion, Transvaal Scottish Regiment, Union Defence Force.
Awarded on:
July 20th, 1945
"On the 9th September 1941, an Italian ship on which were embarked approximately 1,200 South African and about 800 British Prisoners of War, was torpedoed off the coast of Greece. The ship's officers abandoned ship without making any provision for the safety of these prisoners. There were no officers amongst these prisoners.
In due course the ship grounded during a gale in very rough sea which threatened to overturn her. Several British Merchant Seamen attempted to swim ashore with a life line but, owing to the heavy sea, were unable to do so and were pulled back in a state of exhaustion.
Lance Corporal Friedlander volunteered to attempt to reach the shore with a life line and after ninety minutes in the sea was successful. A cable was then attached and pulled to the shore, by means of which some hundreds of prisoners and all the wounded were taken to safety.
Lance Corporal Friedlander's courage and endurance was responsible for the saving of hundreds of lives. "
George Medal