Flood, Thomas

British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Liverpool A.F.S., Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS), Civil Defence Service, Home Office, British Government
Awarded on:
July 4th, 1941
"During an air raid a dwelling-house was wrecked. Flood tunnelled under the debris and, after working for an hour, heard a baby crying. He continued and found a child underneath a perambulator. He obtained food and fed her and, with difficulty, he eventually extricated her unharmed. Flood heard the cry of another child under the rubble and, after tunnelling seven feet and sawing through an iron cot, he was successful in rescuing a small boy. Whilst Flood was under the rubble releasing the children, heavy pieces of masonry and timber were continually falling making his task both dangerous and difficult. Flood was exhausted but refused to be detained in hospital. Although he was too weak to take any physical part he directed further operations, which resulted in two more children being found. Flood displayed great gallantry and determination in effecting these rescues."
George Medal