Green, Percy Albert Jones

British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Police Constable
Liverpool City Police, British Police Force
"During an air raid a dock shed caught fire. The shed contained a cargo of army stores, including explosives. Immediately outside were railway trucks loaded with ammunition and moored alongside the quay was a motor vessel containing a similar cargo. The fire spread rapidly towards the stores and the ship. Constables Green and Spicer gave directions for the ship to be moored on the other side of the dock, cast off the mooring ropes and then began the gigantic task of removing ammunition and stores to a safe place. A Police party arrived and the ammunition trucks were pushed out of the direction of the fire, guns and gun limbers were dragged out of the shed and tins of kerosene and the ammunition were taken away on hand trucks. During this time the area was a constant target for enemy bombers and burning debris fell alt around the workers. Constables Green and Spicer showed great courage and tenacity and by their efforts valuable stores and plant were saved."
George Medal