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Braun, Freiherr von, Wernher Magnus Maximilian* March 23rd, 1912
† June 16th, 1977

Crawford-Compton, William Vernon* March 2nd, 1915
† January 2nd, 1988

Donaldson, Arthur Hay* January 9th, 1915
† October 5th, 1980

Kammler, Dr.-Ing., Hans* August 26th, 1901
† May 9th, 1945

Keprt, Joseph* June 28th, 1910
† July 26th, 1976

Tait, James Brian "Willie"* December 9th, 1916
† August 31st, 2007

Wachtel, Max* June 6th, 1897
† June 18th, 1982



Photo Report Nationaal Militair Museum

On 13 December 2014 the Nationaal Militair Museum was first open to the public. Since then the museum has been a popular attraction . Your STIWOT reporter visited this unique building on Monday 22 December. Here is his photo report.

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