Ritterkreuz des Kriegsverdienstkreuzes mit Schwertern

The Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords (Ridderkreuz des Kriegsverdienstkreuz mit Schwertern) was also instituted on 19-08-1940 and is identical to the Knight’s Cross without Swords except that in this version there are two swords placed diagonally through the Maltese cross. The Knight’s Cross was struck of genuine silver, with a silver grade variying from .800 to .950. In some cases the mint mark is stamped on the V, placed upside down on the lower arm of the cross. The weight of this award is 1.36 troy ounces. This award was meant for military, administrative personnel and civilians who had served bravely during combat or in the war effort, but which did not merit a Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight’s Cross could not be awarded unless the candidate had already been awarded the War Merit Cross First and Second Class with Swords. The Knight’s Cross outranked the German Cross in silver (Deutsche kreuz in silber) but was lower in rank than the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. It is estimated that during WWII period, 211 Knight’s Crosses with Swords have been awarded, however not every award was published to protection the recipient's anonymity and/or his work. This applied to Dr. Ing. Ernst Blaicher, who was awarded the RK on 15-11-1943 for his achievements in tank production. Another case is that of Othmar Wolfran. (Luftwaffe Oberstleutnant) He was employed in the Generalstab der Deutschen Luftwaffe in Finnland. He was recalled to Berlin in the last days of the war, where he received the Knight’s Cross, he was subsequently promoted to a new post and shortly after was taken prisoner of war by the Russians.

The Knight’s Cross was awarded in a blue box, with a dark bleu velvet base with a hollowed out space to accomodate the cross and hanger. The lid was covered with white silk and the space above the hollow was intended to accommode the neck ribbon.

The criteria to be awarded the Knight’s Cross was that the recipient be previously awarded the War Merit Cross first and second class and that a recommendation be sent by the OKW or a State Minister to the Reichskanzlei for Hitler's personal approval.

Berger, Gottlob-Christian* July 16th, 1896
† January 5th, 1975

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Hamberger, Wilhelm   
Handloser, Siegfried25-03-189503-07-1954more 
Hanneken, von, Hermann05-01-189022-07-1981 
Harder, Kurt 30-03-1943 
Haubenreiser, Walther05-04-188329-06-1961 
Heinemann, Erich   
Helldorff, Graf von, Wolfgang Heinrich14-10-189615-08-1944 
Hellenthal, Remigius   
Hemmerich, Gerlach04-02-187931-12-1969 
Henne, Willi12-07-190710-02-1977 
Henrici, Hans15-01-189523-04-1960 
Heyne, Hans04-10-190024-12-1973 
Hinkerohe, Joseph14-02-1910  
Hinrichs, Hermann   
Hinzpeter, Alwin09-06-1907  
Hoelck, Klaus10-02-191314-04-1984more 
Hoffmann, Adolf   
Hoffmann, Albert   
Huber, Reinhold12-01-190423-12-1984 
Huss, Fritz   
Hükelheim, Heinz09-09-190931-01-1898 
Hölzer, Peter