Orden Kutuzova 1

Awarded to group and army commanders, as well as to members of their staff for outstanding achievements in directing military operations. The badge consists of a pentagonal star made of gold with radiating beams of silver between the points. The disc in the center is of white enamel surrounded by a wreath of laurel and oak, at the bottom a red banner is woven into the wreath. On the disc is an image in gold relief of Michael Kutuzov with a Kremlin tower in the background, the tower ending in a red star. The image is flanked by the inscription Michael Kutuzov, in Cyrillic on a white band bordered in silver.

Two types are known. The early 1st Type hung on a small suspension. The 2nd Type soon replaced the 1st Type and has a screwback. The 2nd Type has versions where the parts are connected with three or five rivets.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Babadzhanyan, Amazasp Khachaturovich18-02-190601-11-1977more 
Bagramyan, Ivan Khristoforovich02-12-189721-09-1982more 
Baidukov, Georgy Filippovich26-05-190728-12-1994more 
Bakaric, Vladimir08-03-191216-01-1983 
Batitsky, Pavel Fyodorovich27-06-191017-02-1984more 
Batov, Pavel Ivanovich01-06-189719-04-1985more 
Bazhanov, Yury Pavlovich23-04-190508-01-1975 
Berzarin, Nikolai Erastovich01-04-190416-06-1945more 
Biryuzov, Sergei Semyonovich21-08-190419-10-1964more 
Bocek, Bohumil04-11-189416-10-1952more 
Bradley, Omar Nelson12-02-189308-04-1981more 
Bulganin, Nikolai Aleksandrovich11-06-189521-02-1975more