Legion of Merit - Commander (LoM - C)

This degree of the Legion, Commander, is awarded for services comparable to those for which a Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to members of the US Armed Forces.
The badge to be worn round the neck. In undress uniform, a small-sized ribbon is worn with in its centre a miniature of the cross on a small horizontal bar, both in silver.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Farncomb, Harald Bruce28-02-189912-02-1971more 
Festing, Francis Wogan28-08-190203-08-1976more 
Foulkes, Charles03-01-190312-09-1969more 
Freyberg, Bernard Cyril21-03-188904-07-1963more 
Frisvold, Paal22-01-190816-03-1997more