Gaisford, Reginald George

Service number:
1376850 (NCO)/158668 (Officer)
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Brought down on his fourteenth op, a raid on Mannheim on 16/4/1943, near Commencon, 5 miles from Chauncy. The pilot was captured but the remainder of the crew evaded capture helped by the Chauncy escape line. Gaisford and two other of the crew were taken to Paris and armed with false papers, then to Toulouse and with the aid of Spanish guides across to Spain.
After the war he went on to a successful carrer as a cartoonist known as 'Gais'.

? Sergeant
30 September, 1943: Pilot Officer (probation/emergency)
29 March, 1944: Flying Officer (war sub)
30 September, 1945: Flight Lieutenant (war sub)
7 June, 1957: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve; Commission relinquished as Flight Lieutenant

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Flying Officer
No. 90 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on:
August 15th, 1944
"This officer has been wireless operator on 31 sorties against the enemy. In spite of having to abandon his aircraft at night on one occasion, he has displayed courage and determination of a high order, and has fulfilled every taskalloted to him with efficiency and despatch. He has also taken a deep and untiring interest in the training of new wireless operators in the Squadron."
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)


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