Bannister, Bernard Mairris

Date of death:
January 18th, 1980
Service number:
561981 (NCO)/43471 (Officer)
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


During the war Bernard Bannister piloted and navigated on Saron Londons, Catalina's and then moves on training aircrew to fly Sunderlands. His flying covers the period from 1934 until 1957 during which he amassed 2468.35 hrs.

1 April, 1940: Pilot Officer on Probation
1 April, 1941: Flying Officer (war sub)
1 April, 1942: Flight Lieutenant (war sub)
1 September, 1945: appointment to commission as Flight Lieutenant (permanent)
1 August, 1947: Squadron Leader
26 August, 1953: transfer from General Duties Branch to the Technical Branch
4 April, 1960: retirement

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Flight Sergeant
No. 201 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on:
April 16th, 1940
Remarks by Officer Commanding Unit:
"Has served in the squadron for four years and his record up to the outbreak of war has been consistently good. Since the war he has confirmed the high opinion expressed by his commanding officers in both ability and example to all ranks. As a pilot and navigator, he represents the highest standard aimed at by all captains, and all his duties are carried out with great skill. An exceptional pilot who has frequently been recommended for a commission. Since the war began Flight Sergeant Bannister has flown no fewer than 44 operational patrols, amounting to the great total of 199 hours war flying." (C.H.Cahill, Wing Commander, O.C. No. 201 Squadron R.A.F.
Remarks by Air Officer Commanding:
"Since last recommended on the 3rd January 1940, Flight Sergeant Bannister has continued his exemplary service in the air on operational patrols, and there is little to be added to my previous remarks."
Official Citation:
"This N.C.O. pilot is outstanding as a flying boat captain. Courageous and determined, he faces war risks with a calm assurance which is an invaluable example to his comrades in arms. Unflinching in the face of danger he has carried out the arduous and perilous task of long sea reconnaissances for many months obtaining reports of great value. Very strongly recommended for the award of Distinguished Flying Medal." Charles Breese, A.V.M. Commanding No. 18 Group.
Additionally annotated "Very strongly recommended". F.W. Bowhill, A.C.M.
Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)
Second World War (1939-1945)
Flight Sergeant
Awarded on:
February 20th, 1940
Mentioned in Despatches