The Coalition Wars are the seven wars fought between coalitions of European countries and France (of Napoleon). Between those wars, there were also wars between individual countries and France and their allies.
The wars are also known as the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802) and the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815).

The seven Coalition Wars were:
War of the First Coalition (April 1792 – October 1797)
War of the Second Coalition (1799 – 1802)
War of the Third Coalition (1803 – December 1805)
War of the Fourth Coalition (October 1806 – July 1807)
War of the Fifth Coalition (April 1809 – October 1809)
War of the Sixth Coalition (March 1813 – May 1814)
War of the Seventh Coalition (March 1815 – July 1815)

The last war ended with the famous Battle of Waterloo.
The number of military deaths, on the land and the sea, of the wars are estimated between 2.5 million and 3.5 million. The estimations of the number of civilian casualties range between 750.000 and 3 million.
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