Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Schwarz

This award is slightly different than the Spanish Wound Badge, because the crossway placed swords are somewhat broader and the new steel helmed type, the M35 model is used for this badge. The swastika on the helmet is slightly lager and the dots on the intermediary fields are on this badge placed in horizontally lines. Further is the badge oval shaped with a laurel leaves wreath at the outer edge of the badge. At the base of the badge is a knot and at the top are three berries underneath each other placed. The black version is usually hollow at the reverse and it is made of many different materials. The most common are made of brass and steel. Because there were so many different producers of this award, there are multiple pin with hook constructions. The most common is a thin round pin with a simple hook construction. The black version is awarded for 1 or 2 wounds.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Ebeling, Ernst22-11-191916-01-1991 
Ebeling, Werner21-11-191325-08-2008more 
Eberhart, Rupert   
Eberle, Fritz-Richard17-07-1916 more 
Eberlein, Wolfgang05-09-1912 more 
Ebitch, Hansl02-04-192323-12-1943 
Eble, Hermann00-00-1917 more 
Eckert, Fritz20-03-191429-07-1972more 
Eckstein, Willi (WH-Infanterie)18-11-191408-02-1986more 
Edelmann, Fritz24-09-191830-01-1944 
Eder, Franz07-11-191327-02-1942 
Eger, Andreas01-05-191323-09-1942 
Eggeling, Helmut10-03-1910 more 
Eggers, Heinz   
Egghardt, Alfred17-02-192017-03-1996more 
Ehle, Curt21-10-189916-08-1986more 
Ehlers, Günter26-07-1917 more 
Ehm, Ewald30-12-191920-02-2015more 
Eichhorst, Dietrich31-07-191919-12-1943more 
Eichstädter, Karl00-00-191407-10-1942 
Eiden, Karl-Georg20-01-191720-08-1987more 
Eifler, Heinz   
Eigler, Johann31-01-1913 more 
Eil, Peter17-07-191716-07-1965more 
Eimannsberger, von, Ludwig Karl Edmund Alexander31-10-191028-04-1951more 
Eimermacher, Hugo  more 
Eisenmann, Wilhelm06-12-191202-10-1943more 
Ellendt, Hans  more 
Eltrich, Herbert19-03-191312-08-1944more 
Emde, Wilhelm   
Engelhardt, Hans04-07-191218-08-1943 
Engelhardt, Karl   
Engl, Michael00-00-192109-03-1943 
Eppen, Heinrich29-03-191504-06-1942 
Erbe, Erich09-09-1918 more 
Erdmann, Magnus12-02-191203-10-1942 
Ernst, Otto (Grenadier-Regiment)25-10-191409-07-1944more 
Ernst, Theodor03-09-191821-08-1943 
Erythropel, Hermann29-05-1910  
Eschenbacher, Kurt  more 
Eser, Otto   
Etthöfer, Alois03-04-191220-11-1944more 
Ewald, Heinz "Esau"01-09-192214-03-2002more 
Ewald, Werner23-10-191405-10-1993more 
Exel, van, Hendrik "Henk"  more