Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Schwarz

This award is slightly different than the Spanish Wound Badge, because the crossway placed swords are somewhat broader and the new steel helmed type, the M35 model is used for this badge. The swastika on the helmet is slightly lager and the dots on the intermediary fields are on this badge placed in horizontally lines. Further is the badge oval shaped with a laurel leaves wreath at the outer edge of the badge. At the base of the badge is a knot and at the top are three berries underneath each other placed. The black version is usually hollow at the reverse and it is made of many different materials. The most common are made of brass and steel. Because there were so many different producers of this award, there are multiple pin with hook constructions. The most common is a thin round pin with a simple hook construction. The black version is awarded for 1 or 2 wounds.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Hackbarth, Willi17-12-192127-07-1944 
Haedge, Karl-Ludwig14-07-1923 more 
Haeften, von, Werner09-10-190820-07-1944 
Haen, Rudolf Melchior Arthur Maria12-03-191509-05-1945more 
Hafen, Heinz18-04-1917 more 
Hahn, Walter11-04-191431-01-2002more 
Haidn, Karl  more 
Hain, Horst  more 
Hainzinger, Johann 14-01-1944 
Haizmann, Richard Robert29-04-191924-02-1943more 
Hake, von, Friedrich-Erdmann14-08-189822-03-1982more 
Halbrock, Friedrich-Ernst17-02-1917 more 
Hallberg zu Broich, Freiherr von, Franz13-04-189519-10-1982more 
Halmes, Heinz  more 
Hamacher, Adolf09-02-191327-04-1944more 
Hamader, Josef11-12-191320-10-1944 
Hamburger, Michael05-09-191412-08-1989more 
Hammel, Kurt  more 
Hanke, Karl24-08-190308-06-1945more 
Hanusch, Erwin30-08-191016-08-1944more 
Harder, Hans-Werner 00-00-1944 
Harlinghausen, Martin17-01-190223-03-1986more 
Harmel, Heinz29-06-190602-09-2000more 
Harms, Johann   
Harnack, Martin28-02-192103-06-1984more 
Haslböck, Wilhelm16-05-192025-08-1944 
Haug, Erwin  more 
Hauschildt, Werner19-03-1911  
Hauswurz, Horst 00-00-2014more 
Haxthausen, von, Elmershaus21-02-191515-11-1985more 
Haß, Valentin  more 
Hecht, Johann08-04-191020-07-1944 
Hedde, Klaus-Peter29-11-1913 more 
Heder, Eberhardt30-06-191818-11-2017more 
Hegenbarth, Friedrich   
Heilmann, Ludwig09-08-190326-10-1959more 
Heim, Herbert (schwere Panzer-Abteilung 504)14-09-1919  
Heimsath, Paul  more 
Heinig, Wolfgang   
Heintze, Erich27-09-191611-08-1998more 
Heinzmann, Leonhard12-10-1921  
Heiss, Fritz  more 
Helling, Arno05-11-1900 more 
Hellmuth, Heinz   
Hellwig, Gunter   
Hellwig, Martin02-04-1913 more 
Hendriks, Willem01-12-191600-00-1944 
Hennecart, Lucien00-00-190800-00-1996 
Henning, Horst31-01-1920  
Henze, Albert07-08-189431-03-1979more 
Hermann, Garold   
Hermanns, Christian 26-01-1944more 
Herpolsheimer, Horst03-10-1920 more 
Herre, Heinz Danko  more 
Herzog, Karl06-07-190625-01-1998more 
Hess, Hans-Georg06-05-192329-03-2008 
Hetzenauer, Matthäus23-12-192403-10-2004 
Heuer, Heinz02-03-191806-01-2002more 
Heuer, Robert09-11-191625-10-1951more 
Heuschkel, Herbert   
Heydebrand und der Lasa, von, Ernst-Oskar26-12-192129-06-2002more 
Heydebreck, von, Georg-Hennig27-12-190312-04-1976more 
Heyer, Hans-Joachim20-04-192209-11-1942more 
Heymann, Günter   
Hielscher, Otto11-01-192225-03-1980more 
Hilber, Emil03-01-1921 more 
Hildebrandt, Hans-Georg15-06-189631-01-1967more 
Hildebrandt, Heinrich18-02-1919 more 
Hindelang, Anton16-05-191417-09-1944more 
Hinzmann, Herbert  more 
Hippler, Gustav25-07-190322-08-1942more 
Hirschfeld, von, Harald10-07-191218-01-1945more 
Hitler, Heinrich ''Heinz''14-03-192031-10-1942 
Hockenjos, Fritz26-03-190924-02-1995more 
Hodrius, Georg Johann Franz20-04-192010-09-1944more 
Hoensbroech, Graf von und zu, Ignaz26-11-191826-11-1993more 
Hoernlein, Walter02-01-189314-09-1961more 
Hoeth, Hans-Lothar04-10-1917 more 
Hofbauer, Ludwig12-07-191419-05-1942 
Hofbauer, Max 01-10-1943 
Hofenfels, Freiherr von, Karl-Max26-07-190825-07-1944 
Hofer, Herbert   
Hoffmann, Edmund   
Hofmann, Edwin15-06-1914  
Hofmeister, Walter28-05-191028-01-1944more 
Hogeback, Hermann25-08-191415-02-2004more 
Hohenhausen und Hochhaus, Freiherr von, Oskar15-02-190526-02-1970more 
Hollekamp, Josef19-08-192020-12-1992more 
Hollerung, Christoph Heinrich Werner05-07-191500-01-1945more 
Holzhauer, Fritz16-05-191600-07-1944more 
Holzinger, Anton Stefan Edwin30-12-190106-04-1989more 
Horn, von, Gerhard Hans-Helmuth02-06-1901  
Horn, Wolfgang O.   
Hottmann, Willi   
Houbé, Walther 04-08-1944 
Hoyer, Otto   
Huber, Alois11-06-191406-11-1942more 
Huber, Johann 02-05-1944 
Huber, Josef17-03-1909 more 
Hudel, Helmut04-07-191511-03-1985more 
Hudopisk, Alois  more 
Hugon, Joachim04-10-1917 more 
Huizinga, Folkert00-00-190602-08-1944 
Hund, Willi  more 
Hurdelbrink, Georg06-10-1919  
Häberlen, Klaus14-04-191607-04-2002more 
Hämmerle, Alois11-11-191326-11-1943more 
Häring, Friedrich   
Höcherl, Josef18-01-191026-09-1942 
Högl, Franz-Josef  more 
Hölscher, Walter08-01-1907 more 
Hösl, Friedrich  more