Code name for the Allied invasion of Sicily, July 10th, 1943.

Related persons

Cleaver, Richard Frank Wharton* April 9th, 1920
October 1st, 1953

Durnford-Slater, John Frederick* 1909
February 5th, 1972

Gavin, James Maurice* March 22nd, 1907
February 23rd, 1990
Plot: X Row: L Grave: 235

Green, Charles Patrick* March 30th, 1914
April 10th, 1999

Lathbury, Gerald William "Legs"* July 14th, 1906
May 16th, 1978

Mayne, Robert Blair "Paddy"* January 11th, 1915
December 14th, 1955

Mechon, Stephen N.* 1921
October 10th, 1943

Sprinkle, John D. July 10th, 1943
Plot: I Row: 2 Grave: 19

Urquhart, Robert Elliott "Roy"* November 28th, 1901
December 13th, 1988

Willis, Algernon Usborne* May 17th, 1889
April 12th, 1976

Young, Peter* July 28th, 1915
September 13th, 1988