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Alexandre, Roland Eugene Jean "Surveyor"* June 30th, 1921
† May 19th, 1944

Appriou, Jean* January 25th, 1921
† December 1990

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NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Nanterre, Jean Elie Jacques   
Naurois, de, René Paulin26-11-190612-01-2006 
Némir, x00-00-190421-12-1953 
Nessler, Edmond Simon24-02-190724-11-2004more 
Neuwirth, L.   
Ney, Jean-Bernard06-09-192131-08-2003 
Nicolau, René "Raymond"07-01-189920-05-1945 
Noel, Alfred27-11-191024-06-1982more 
Nouaux, Lucien "Marc"14-11-192125-07-1944