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Alexandre, Roland Eugene Jean "Surveyor"* June 30th, 1921
† May 19th, 1944

Appriou, Jean* January 25th, 1921
† December 1990

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NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Fabert, Marcel Julien 10-04-1945 
Fayolle, Emile Francois Marie Leonce08-09-191619-08-1942 
Fenet, Henri-Joseph11-06-191914-08-2002 
Fenetre, André   
Ferchaud, Joseph25-07-1918  
Fertet, Henri Claude 26-09-1943 
Foch, Ferdinand Jean Marie02-10-185120-03-1929more 
Fortet, André   
Fourcaud, Pierre27-03-189802-05-1998more 
Frelon, Arthur "André"   
Fustec, Le, Luc Jean Andre16-07-191715-02-2002