Canadian Volunteer Service Medal

Instituted on October 22ns 1943 for service of at least 18 months between September 3rd 1939 and March 1st 1947.
The ribbon can bear up to three bars.
1) The Overseas Service Bar for 60 days of service overseas.
2) The Dieppe Bar for participation in the Raid on Dieppe on August 19th 1942.
3) The Hong Kong bar for participating in the defence of Hong Kong between December 8th and December 25th 1941.

Grid List
Walker, James Elmslie* April 4th, 1919
April 25th, 1944
Plot: 48 Row: I Grave: 3

Wallace, Ivan James Vincent* April 23rd, 1920
January 23rd, 1945
Grave: 17

Walsh, William James "Billy"* January 20th, 1917
October 7th, 1971

Wiley, George William March 31st, 1944
Plot: 7 Row: D Grave: 2

Wolf, de, Henry George "Harry"* June 26th, 1903
December 18th, 2000

Wong, Gim* 1922
July 29th, 2013