Médaille de la Résistance Française

This decoration was created by General Charles de Gaulle on February 9th, 1943, as a recognition for distinguished services in active resistance to the enemy. It is a circular medal with a cross of Lorraine inside a raised rim. The ribbon is black with two broad red stripes at either edge, within the black are two red stripes set inwards from either edge and two more down the centre.

Grid List
Aalberg, André* June 5th, 1913
† October 15th, 1943

Abeille, Valentin* August 8th, 1907
† June 2nd, 1944

Albert, Marcel* November 25th, 1917
† August 23rd, 2010

Albrecht, Berty "Victoria"* February 25th, 1893
† May 31st, 1943

Alexandre, Blaise Emmanuel Henri* March 12th, 1920
† March 23rd, 2005

Allegret, Émile Joseph Auguste* April 24th, 1907
† November 22nd, 1990

Amiel, Henri François* May 17th, 1907
† January 27th, 1976

Amiot, René* January 15th, 1914
† November 1st, 1985

Amyot d'Inville, Hubert Marie Edouard* August 1st, 1909
† June 10th, 1944

Andlauer, Louis Jacques Victor* November 6th, 1919
† December 1st, 1999

Anquetil, Bernard Jules Eugène* December 20th, 1916
† October 24th, 1941

Arrighi, Pierre Robert* March 2nd, 1921
† August 5th, 1944

Aubertin, Pierre Gaston* March 22nd, 1915
† March 7th, 1949

Avallart, Jean* December 17th, 1908
† October 7th, 1944

Avinin, Antoine Louis* January 26th, 1902
† October 29th, 1962