Medal "Zolotaya Zvezda" (Geroi Sovetskogo Soyuza)

The honorary title "Hero of the Soviet Union' was instituted April 16th, 1934, the accompanying medal August 1st, 1939, by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. Recipients of the medal are automatically awarded the title of: Hero of the Soviet Union.
The title can be awarded to civilians as well as military personnel for having rendered personal or collective acts of heroism that have contributed to the honour or the development of the Soviet Union. Recipients of the title will automatically be awarded the Order of Lenin, moreover they receive a Diploma from the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. The title can be awarded more than once, however, the Order of Lenin only once. In that case, the recipient will have a sculptural bust in the town of his/her birth. Some 12.600 persons have been awarded the title more than once; August 22nd, 1988, the Supreme Soviet abolished the policy of multiple conferment.
The badge itself takes the form of a five-pointed star made of solid gold. The ribbon is coloured red and approx. 0.75" (19 mm) wide mounted on a hanger that measures 15 x 20 mm. The medal weighs 21.5 grammes.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Zagaynov, Stepan Tarasovich00-00-192104-02-1945 
Zaitsev, Vasily Aleksandrovich10-01-191119-05-1961more 
Zaitsev, Vasily Grigoryevich23-03-191515-12-1991more 
Zakharchenko, Pavel Fedorovich00-00-191725-11-1943 
Zakharov, Matvei Vasilyevich17-08-189831-01-1972more 
Zavarin, Grigoriy Antonovich24-11-190230-09-1944 
Zaytsev, Dmitriy Aleksandrovich18-10-191801-10-1944 
Zaytsev, Vasiliy Mikhaylovich26-08-191007-12-1941 
Zelenyuk, Iosif Pavlovich16-12-191430-04-1945 
Zharchinsky, Fedor Ivanovich01-07-191321-04-1945 
Zhigalkin, Ivan Pavlovich00-00-192005-03-1943 
Zhiltsov, Vasily Markovich16-11-190916-12-1976more 
Zhukov, Georgy Konstantinovich01-12-189618-06-1974more 
Zhukov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich01-08-192219-04-1945more 
Zhurba, Aleksandr Afanasevych00-00-189830-06-1941 
Zhyvov, Anatoliy08-03-192512-04-1944 
Zimin, Georgy Vasilyevich06-05-191229-03-1997more 
Zimin, Sergey Grigoryevich00-00-191702-03-1943 
Zinkovich, Mitrofan Ivanovich14-06-190024-09-1943 
Zlobin, Yakov Dmitriyevich00-00-191702-03-1943 
Zlotin, Grigoriy Borisovich00-00-192302-02-1945 
Zozulya, Georgiy Petrovich05-02-192005-01-1954 
Zubarev, Vasiliy Denisovich00-00-192129-04-1945 
Zverev, Vasiliy Vladimirovich28-08-191523-03-1945