Craggs, Harold Telfer

Date of birth:
August 13th, 1919
Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Postwar decoration:
December 29th, 1987: Efficieny Medal (Captain/Honorary Major retired)

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Temporary Captain
70th Field Regiment Royal Artillery, 139 Infantry Brigade, 46th Division, 5 Corps (70th Field Regiment Royal Artillery, 139 Infantry Brigade, 46th Division, 5 Corps)
Awarded on:
September 23rd, 1943
Recommended by Lt Col H G Pepper RA, the citation states:
“For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the period of the Battle of Sedjenane Feb 27th to March 4th 1943.
On Feb 27th during the first 16 DLI counter-attack on the high ground North of Sedjenane Capt Craggs acted as FOO with the leading company of the infantry. This Coy met severe mortar and MG fire early on in the day and was compelled to withdraw. Capt Craggs did NOT withdraw but sent his signaller back with his 21 set and himself remained forward with his 18 set in a stream bed in front of the infantry, from where he was able to bring down covering fire including a smokescreen, thus enabling the infantry to reform and put in a further attack.
On March 2nd Capt Craggs again accompanied one of the leading companies of the 16 DLI in their second counter-attack on the high ground north of Sedjenane. During this attack heavy mortar and MG fire was again encountered and Capt Craggs' set was smashed by enemy fire. Capt Craggs remained with the infantry trying to get fire orders through on the infantry net, until the DLI were compelled to withdraw, when he withdrew with them bringing back all his OP party and equipment.
On March 3rd Capt Craggs acted as an RA Liaison Officer at Bn HQ 6th Lincs in Sedjenane and remained there throughout the stand of the 6th Lincs, maintaining communications with his Bty and materially assisting Capt J Welsh MC in bringing down the fire of the 70th Fd Regt Gp. He remained in Sedjenane until the last and when he withdrew once again brought back his complete OP party and equipment. His devotion to duty under extremely trying circumstances was of the highest order and at all times he kept a complete grip on the situation.”
Military Cross (MC)
Second World War (1939-1945)
Temporary Major
Awarded on:
November 29th, 1945
Mentioned in Despatches


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