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  • Article by Annabel Junge
  • Published on July 9th, 2020

Bontjes van Beek, Cato

Cato Bontjes van Beek, known by friends and family as Dodo, was a happy-go-lucky child who lived life to the full. She made friends easily and was often found encouraging her brothers, sisters, and the neighbourhood children to go walking or swimming, or to take part in sports matches and theatre shows. Along with her gregarious nature, Cato was outspoken on matters of fairness and justice.

  • Article by Tom Notten
  • Published on June 17th, 2020

Kirponos, Mikhail P

Mikhail Petrovich Kirponos was born January 9, 1882, in Vertiyevka Chernigovskoi, a small village in the countryside in the Shumeikskogo area near Lokhvitsi (Poltava). He came from a family of farmers and during his youth years, he worked on the land of his father. During World War 1 he fought on the front against the Germans in the army of the Czar. At the end of the war, he joined the Bolsheviks and became a member of the Red Army. During the bloody, three-year civil war, Kirponos soon rose in the ranks of the Red Army. At the time, there were no ranks in the army but he rose from battalion commander to regimental commander. After the Red Army had won the war, Kirponos became Kommissar in various divisions, occupying himself mainly with staff work. From 1934 to 1939 he stood at the head of the military academy of Kazan.

  • Article by Pieter Schlebaum
  • Published on June 14th, 2020

Devers, Jacob

According to some historians, the American General Jacob Loucks Devers has remained undervalued for his achievements during the Second World War. For example, his campaign in the South of France is still relatively unknown. He was already on the banks of the Rhine in November.

  • Article by Pieter Schlebaum
  • Published on May 22nd, 2020

Taylor, Maxwell

Major General Taylor had a long career in the military. During World War II he participated in the fighting in Sicily, in Italy, Normandy, The Netherlands, the Ardennes and Germany.

  • Article by Kevin Prenger
  • Published on May 12th, 2020

Anielewicz, Mordechai


  • Article by Kevin Prenger
  • Published on April 29th, 2020

Klingelhöfer, Woldemar


  • Article by Peter Kimenai
  • Published on April 25th, 2020

Maczek, Stanislaw

Stanislaw Wladyslaw Maczek was a Polish general who commanded the only motorized division of the Polish army at the beginning of the Second World War. After the fall of Poland, he escaped to France where he established a new motorized division. After the downfall of France, he founded the First Polish armoured division in Great Britain, contributing greatly to the allied victory in Western Europe. Maczek was very popular with his men and was honoured by the French, Belgian and Dutch population, although he was rather underestimated by his Allied combatants.

  • Article by Wesley Dankers
  • Published on March 18th, 2020

Model, Walter

Walter Model was one of Adolf Hitler’s favourite generals. On more than one occasion he prevented an imminent military defeat on the Eastern front and he also made short work of the British paratroopers during the Battle of Arnhem.

  • Article by Pieter Schlebaum
  • Published on February 10th, 2020

McAuliffe, Anthony