Carter, Bernard Law

Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Bernard Law Carter served as a Gunner with the Royal Artillery, and having served during the Second World War with the 8th Army in North Africa and Sicily, was then transferred to the 74th Field Regiment, part of the 56th Infantry Brigade in the 49th West Riding Infantry Division as part of the 1st Canadian Corps, when he was present in the invasion of France and the North West Europe campaign, serving as a driver and signaller to a Forward Observation Officer.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Royal Regiment of Artillery (Birmingham)
Awarded on:
October 11th, 1945
"Gunner Carter is FOO signaller and throughout the entire campaign, including D-Day. has proved himself an outstanding signaller during an attack or under enemy fire. On one occasion at Tilly Sur Seulles, when his FOO was wounded, and the platoon he was with was ordered to withdraw, Gunner Carter refused to withdraw until he had returned to the OP and recovered his 18 set. On many occasions during the campaign he was working untiringly for several consecutive days under heavy mortar and shell fire to maintain line communications, and often, through his efforts, his OP officer has been able to pass information and fire the guns of the regiment, when all other mean's of communication had failed. In the attack at Arnhem on 12th to 13th April 1945, Gunner Carter was again with the leading company and through his devotion to duty his wireless was again, for several hours, the only means of communication with the forward company, despite the fact that he was subjected to heavy shell and mortar fire. His cheerfulness under very trying conditions is a constant source of inspiration to his fellow signallers and the infantry who have on several occasions commented on it."
LG 37302/5001
Military Medal (MM)
Second World War (1939-1945)
Wit "8th ARMY" clasp.
Africa Star