Handley, Thomas Edward

Date of birth:
September 23rd, 1914 (Yorkshire, Great Britain.)
Date of death:
April 10th, 1945 (Sachsenhausen/Brandenburg, Germany)
Mentioned on:
Commonwealth Memorial for the Missing Athens
Plot: 4. 
Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Thomas Edward Handley took part in SOE Force 133. He was taken POW in May 1943 in Greece during Operation Locksmith and was executed in Sachsenhausen on April 10th, 1945.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Sergeant
Force 133, Special Operations Executive (SOE), War Office, British Government
Awarded on:
April 18th, 1946
"Sjt Handley as W/T operator with two others under command of Lieut Cumberlege RNR was landed on 14th January 1943 by submarine on the mainland near Poros. Within three days he had successfully opened up wireless communication with Cairo, which he maintained unbroken until mid June.
On 25 Jan the party's hideout was betrayed by a Greek fisherman and quickly, by night, they had to move to a new hideout, laboriously carrying, in several journeys, two tons of mines and explosives, etc, with which they were burdened.
Sjt Handley remained at his post operating the wireless set throughout the time Lieut Cumberlege and CSM Steele were carrying out the operation against the Corinth Canal and operation of his set was exemplary."
LG 37536/1951.
Military Medal (MM)