Surita, Ivan Bernard St. Regis

Indian (1858-1947, British Colony)


He was also docorated with:
India Independence Medal 1947
Cooch Behar
Jagadipendra Narayan
Silver Jubilee 1947
Ser-tri Nga-sol medal (4 April 1965)

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Machine Gun Battalion 6 Rajputana Rifles
Awarded on:
July 22nd, 1943
During the Battle of Wadi Aqqarit, Capt I.B. Surita's company of M.M.Gs was in support of the 5th Indian Infantry Brigade. Early on the action Capt. Surita was wounded in the head by shrapnel from enemy shell fire, but he refused to be evacuated. Throughout the day and night that followed, this young officer coolly continued to command and direct the fire of his M.M.Gs under intense enemy artillery and mortar fire, to such great effect that he contributed greatly to the fact that Brigade was able to take and hold their objectives against strong enemy counter attacks. Throughout the campaign of Egypt and Tunesia, Capt. Surita, who has twice before been wounded, has at all times displayed the highest qualities of leadership and an absolete disregard for his own personal safety, which has been an inspiration to his men."
Military Cross (MC)
Second World War (1939-1945)
With "8th ARMY" clasp.
Africa Star