Coop, Thomas William

Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Aircraftman, 1st Class
Auxiliary Air Force
Awarded on:
January 21st, 1941
'In September, 1940, an aircraft crashed on an aerodrome and immediately burst into flames. Aircraftman Coop promptly ran to the burning aircraft and endeavoured to extricate the pilot. In spite of the flames, and regardless of the additional danger from exploding ammunition, Leading Aircraftman Farley unhesitatingly ran to his assistance and, plunging his arms into the blazing cockpit, released the legs of the pilot, who was apparently stunned and whose clothes were in flames. Between them the airmen carried him to a safe distance, thereby saving him from certain death. In spite of superficial burns on arms and legs Leading Aircraftman Farley returned to his normal duties. By their action these two airmen showed great courage and complete disregard for their personal safety. Unfortunately the pilot later succumbed to his injuries.'
The aircraft concerned No. P1692) of No.613 (City of Manchester) Squadron, Royal Air Force. The pilot and air gunner were both removed to hospital where the former later died, the Squadron's first Officer casualty of the War.
Joint citation with Leading Aircraftman Farley.
George Medal