The village of Overloon in Holland breathes war, not only due to the famous war museum but also by the British war cemetery and the many war monuments. What little visitors realize is that Overloon was the theater of the largest tank battle of Holland. The village was almost completely destroyed in the battle. The war museum gives a few insides, but outside of the museum, there was not very much to find out about this subject. Recently, a route was made with fifteen information signs. It gives a picture of what has happened in the village at fifteen different locations. An observant visitor to the village had maybe discovered the lack of old buildings, after reading the various signs, it will be clearly visible for everyone.

The route is easy to follow by bike, the cycle route of 8 km leads you through all 15 signs. For those who do not have a bike, there is a walking trail available too, it is easy to follow from the village center or from the war museum and is only 2 km long. The rest of the signs are easy to reach by car.

The QR codes that are displayed on the signs can be scanned to obtain the English version of the signs on your mobile phone.

IWM (B 10821)
AStartpuntTraces of War Overloon: 1. Lime tree

BWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 2. 14 October Square

CWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 3. Turret of the Monastery

DWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 4. Emergency Church and Parsonage

EWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 5. Mill

FWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 6. ’s Helder

GWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 7. Ruined Church

HWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 8. Brick Factory

IWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 9. First Remembrance Day 14 October 1945

JWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 10. Labor Camp

KWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 11. Museum Square

LWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 12. Two Pre-War Homes

MWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 13. Rectory and Convent

NWaypointTraces of War Overloon: 14. English Cemetery 1946

OEindpuntTraces of War Overloon: 15. Schools

Following this route we advise you to visit the war museum. It will surely notice you that here too scattered attention is paid to the war in Overloon. The knowledge gained during the route will potentially add value during your visit to the museum.

Source text: Paul Moerenhout & War museum Overloon
Source photos: Paul Moerenhout

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