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Lloyd's War Medal for Bravery at Sea

“Lloyd's War Medal for Bravery at Sea” was instituted December 17th, 1940 by Lloyd’s Insurance Company and authorised by the British Admiralty and the Ministry of Shipping.
The medal was presented during World War Two only to officers and hands of the Merchant Navy and the fishing fleet for exceptionally courageous conduct in wartime.
The medal measures 1.45" and was designed by Allan Gaidner Wyon. The obverse depicts a sitting man holding a wreath of laurels in his right hand. The left hand points out to sea where a merchant vessel can be seen in the distance. This is surrounded on the left side by the text “AWARDED BY LlOYD’s.” The reverse depicts a trident with the word “BRAVERY”, surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves with acorns.
The ribbon measures 1.1" in width and has two stripes, each 0.7" wide.
Recipient’s name, the name of the ship and the date of action are engraved on the rim of the medal. The medal was presented in a dark blue box bearing Lloyd’s coat of arms.