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Orden Suvorova 2

The Second Class of the Order can be awarded to commanders of Corps, Divisions and Brigades, their deputies and their Chiefs of Staff for for having organised excellent army operations, defeating a numerically superior enemy.
The badge is a five-pointed star with radiating beams and made of gold. In the centre, on a matt silver background is the head of Marshall Suvorov in relief looking right. Above it the inscrption: 'Alexander Suvorov' in Cyrillic, below the head are sprays of laurel and oak.
The ribbon is of green moiré silk with a narrow orange stripe at each edge.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Kazakov, Konstantin Petrovich18-11-190225-08-1989 
Kazakov, Vasily Ivanovich18-07-189825-05-1968more 
Khazov, Ivan21-08-189513-04-1944more 
Khrunichev, Mikhail Vasilyevich04-04-190102-06-1961more 
Khudyakov, Sergei Aleksandrovich07-01-190218-04-1950more 
Koptsov, Vasiliy Alekseyevich01-01-190403-03-1943 
Koshevoi, Pyotr Kirillovich21-12-190430-08-1976more 
Kosonogov, Lev Vasilyevich19-06-190417-11-1943more 
Kovpak, Sidor Artemyevich07-06-188711-12-1967 
Kozak, Semyon Antonovich23-05-190224-12-1953 
Kozyr, Maxim Jevsejevic05-12-189023-04-1945more 
Krasovsky, Stepan Akimovich20-08-189721-04-1983 
Kravchenko, Andrei Grigoryevich30-11-189918-10-1963more 
Kreizer, Yakov Grigoryevich04-11-190529-11-1969more 
Kuleshov, Pavel Nikolayevich25-12-190826-02-2000