Smith, George

Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
6 Battalion, Royal Scots Fusilliers
Awarded on:
August 2nd, 1945
"On 16th April 1945 the Carrier Platoon of 6 RSF was ordered to occupy the village of Niendorf, to the south east of Uelzen, and it was of the greatest importance to subsequent operations that the two bridges of the village should be captured intact. First reports indicated that the village was not occupied by the enemy. As the Carriers approached it became obvious that this village was, in fact, held in some strength and it was then decided to rush the foremost enemy positions. But on reaching the bottleneck formed by the two bridges, the leading carrier came under fire from Bazooka's and Machine Guns sited in nearby buildings. Fusilier Smith, who was a member of the crew of the second carrier, immediately leapt out and, without any orders, charged the German defences. Completely regardless of rifle and machine gun fire, he ran 50 yards to the first bridge and hurled grenades into the enemy posts, wiping out two Bazooka teams and killing an officer manning a machine gun. This prompt action, carried out entirely on Fusilier Smith's own initiative, enabled the Carrier Platoon to rush the bottleneck and to capture all their objective. Fusilier Smith displayed great disregard for his own safety throughout the period and it was largely due to his personal courage and vigorous offensive spirit that this local action, so vitally important to the full scope of future operations, achieved immediate successes."
The Investiture took place on the 19th November 1946 at Buckingham Palace where he received the award from Field Marshal Montgomery.
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Second World War (1939-1945)
1 Clasp: Malaya
General Service Medal 1918-1962