Stewart, Gordon

    Date of birth:
    (Armadale/Victoria, Australia)
    Date of death:
    August 22nd, 1981 (Mentone/Victoria, Australia)
    Service number:
    VX 14442
    Australian (1901-present, Federal Republic)


    Library assistant;
    Enlisted 28 February, 1934 in Militia as 442291 Gnr 2 Med Bde RAA;
    Bombardeer 1 July, 1935;
    Lance/Sergeant 10 May, 1937;
    Sergeant 1 September 1939;
    Discharged 31 May, 1940;
    Enlisted 7 May, 1940 at Caulfield, Victoria
    Lieutenant 5 October, 1940;
    Temporary Captain 12 February, 1941;
    Embarked 27 December 1940 for Middle East;
    22 Nov1941 AIF (ME) School of Artillery;
    Embarked 31 July, 1943 for Pacific campaign;
    Captain 12 February, 1944;
    8 March, 1945 to RAAF School of Army Co-op Cse;
    Embarked 6 May, 1945 for New Guinea and British North Borneo;
    Discharged 8 November, 1945 ex 2/12 Fd Regt;
    9 November, 1945 to Reserve of Officers;
    1950-52 2 Battery Commander (Major) P Battery 10 Fd Regt;
    1955-58(?) CO (Lt-Col) 10 Fed Regt;

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Awarded on:
    September 24th, 1942
    "On 21 July 1942, during the operations of an Australian Infantry Brigade, Lieutenant Stewart was acting as Forward Observation Officer with an Australian Infantry Battalion. He showed great coolness and courage under fire. By his enterprise and skill he was continually in a position to support the Battalion. Several times during the day he engaged armoured fighting vehicles which threatened our troops and on two occasions broke up potential counter attacks. His disregard for his own safety and the dash he showed throughout the attack contributed in no small measure to the successful artillery support of this operation."
    Military Cross (MC)
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    With "8th ARMY" clasp.
    Africa Star
    With Australia clasp.
    Efficiency Medal / Territorial Decoration