Shuttleworth, Clayden

Date of birth:
January 19th, 1917 (Wakefield/Nelson, New Zealand)
Date of death:
May 15th, 1945
Buried on:
Brookwood Military Cemetery
Plot: 2. Row: AA. Grave: 2.
New Zealander (1907-1947, Dominion UK)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
24th (NZ) Battalion, New Zealand Military Forces
Awarded on:
March 19th, 1942
"This officer has commanded the 24th (NZ) Battalion since its formation in May 1940 and has trained it to a very high state of efficiency. He led it during the Greek campaign and displayed the highest qualities of leadership and a complete disregard for his own safety. On the 23 November (1941) when the officer commanding 25 Battalion had been wounded Lieutenant Colonel Shuttleworth was sent with two of the companies of his own battalion to take command of a very difficult situation which had developed on Hill 175 some five or six miles east of Sidi Rezegh. He organised the defences in that locality and was able to retain his position there in spite of three determined enemy counter attacks. The following morning he organised and directed a minor but very successful advance over the crest of Hill 175 and down its western slopes. On the night 24/25 November he led a further advance of his Battalion westwards along the Sidi Rezegh ridge a distance of some three miles and in the face of determined enemy resistance. It was only his continued presence with his foremost troops and his skilful employment of them that finally resulted in the capture of the blockhouse on that ridge on the morning of 25 November. On the night of 25/26 November he again led his Battalion in a night attack still further along the ridge to a point South West of the Mosque at Sidi Rezegh. Here on the morning of 26 November his Battalion was heavily counter attacked and suffered many casualties. Nevertheless on that same evening 26/27 November he again led his now sadly depleted Battalion in a most successful night attack in conjunction with the 26 Battalion which won for us the whole of the high ground in the Sidi Rezegh area. This attack involved 24 Battalion in further heavy casualties and the night's fighting was the fiercest this Brigade has yet experienced; but their losses did not prevent 24 Battalion from vigourously defending the ground they had won. They were attacked on 28 and again on 29 November and though they lost some ground and many casualties they continued to resist with outstanding courage. Throughout all these operations Lieutenant Colonel Shuttleworth behaved with remarkable skill and coolness. His personal courage and leadership was an inspiration to all his troops and was largely responsible for the magnificent achievements of the Battalion he so ably trained and led in battle."
Distinguished Service Order (DSO)