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Related persons

Aitken, William Maxwell, 1st Baron Beaverbrook* May 25th, 1879
June 9th, 1964

Alexander, Albert V., 1st Earl A. of Hillsborough* May 1st, 1885
January 11th, 1965

Amery, Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett "Leo"* November 22nd, 1873
September 16th, 1955

Anderson, John, 1st Viscount Waverley* July 8th, 1882
January 4th, 1958

Attlee, Clement Richard, 1st Earl Attlee* January 3rd, 1883
October 8th, 1967

Bevin, Ernest* March 9th, 1881
April 14th, 1951

Bracken, Brendan Rendall, 1st Viscount Bracken* February 15th, 1901
August 8th, 1958

Brown, Alfred Ernest* August 27th, 1881
February 16th, 1962

Butler, Richard A., Baron Butler of Saffron Walden* December 9th, 1902
March 8th, 1982

Chamberlain, Arthur Neville* March 18th, 1869
November 9th, 1940

Cooper, Alfred Duff, 1st Viscount Norwich* February 22nd, 1890
June 1st, 1954

Cripps, Richard Stafford* April 24th, 1889
April 21st, 1952

Crookshank, Harry F. C., 1st Viscount Crookshank* May 27th, 1893
October 7th, 1961

Dalton, Edward Hugh John Neale, Baron Dalton* August 16th, 1887
February 13th, 1962

Duncan, Andrew Rae* June 3rd, 1884
March 30th, 1952

Eden, Robert Anthony, 1st Earl of Avon* June 12th, 1897
January 14th, 1977

Gascoyne-Cecil, Robert, 5th Marquess of Salisbury* August 27th, 1893
February 23rd, 1972

Greenwood, Arthur* February 8th, 1880
June 9th, 1954

Grigg, Percy James* December 16th, 1890
May 5th, 1964

Guinness, Walter Edward, 1st Baron Moyne* March 29th, 1880
November 6th, 1944

Hankey, Maurice Pascal Alers, 1st Baron Hankey* April 1st, 1877
January 26th, 1963

Hore-Belisha, Leslie, 1st Baron Hore-Belisha* September 7th, 1893
February 16th, 1957

Hudson, Robert Spear, 1st Viscount Hudson* August 16th, 1886
February 2nd, 1957

Inskip, Thomas Walker H., 1st Viscount Caldecote* March 5th, 1876
October 11th, 1947

Johnston, Thomas "Tom"* November 2nd, 1881
September 5th, 1965

Jowitt, William Allen, 1st Earl Jowitt* April 15th, 1885
August 16th, 1957

Law, Richard Kidston, 1st Baron Coleraine* February 27th, 1901
November 15th, 1980

Leathers, Frederick James, 1st Viscount Leathers* November 21st, 1883
March 19th, 1965

Llewellin, John Jestyn, 1st Baron Llewellin* February 6th, 1893
January 24th, 1957

Lloyd, George Ambrose, 1st Baron Lloyd* September 19th, 1879
February 4th, 1941

Lyttelton, Oliver, 1st Viscount Chandos* March 15th, 1893
January 21st, 1972

MacDonald, Malcolm John* August 17th, 1901
January 11th, 1981

Macmillan, Maurice Harold, 1st Earl of Stockton* February 10th, 1894
December 29th, 1986

Margesson, Henry David R., 1st Viscount Margesson* July 26th, 1890
December 24th, 1965

Marquis, Frederick James, 1st Earl of Woolton* August 23rd, 1883
December 14th, 1964

Monckton, Walter Turner, 1st Viscount of Brenchley* January 17th, 1891
January 9th, 1965

Moore-Brabazon, John, 1st Baron Brabazon of Tara* February 8th, 1884
May 17th, 1964

Morrison, Herbert Stanley, Baron M. of Lambeth* January 3rd, 1888
March 6th, 1965

Morrison, William Shepherd, 1st Viscount Dunrossil* August 10th, 1893
February 3rd, 1961

Primrose, Albert Edward H., 6th Earl of Rosebery* January 8th, 1882
May 31st, 1974

Ramsbotham, Herwald, 1st Viscount Soulbury* March 6th, 1887
January 30th, 1971

Reith, John Charles Walsham, 1st Baron Reith* July 20th, 1889
June 16th, 1971

Salter, James Arthur, 1st Baron Salter* March 15th, 1881
June 27th, 1975

Simon, John Allsebrook, 1st Viscount Simon* February 28th, 1873
January 11th, 1954

Sinclair, Archibald Henry M., 1st Viscount Thurso* October 22nd, 1890
June 15th, 1970

Somervell, Donald B., Baron Somervell of Harrow* August 24th, 1889
November 18th, 1960

Spencer-Churchill, Winston Leonard* November 30th, 1874
January 24th, 1965

Stanley, Oliver Frederick George* May 4th, 1896
December 10th, 1950

Willink, Henry Urmston, 1st Baronet* March 7th, 1894
July 20th, 1973

Womersley, Walter James, 1st Baronet* February 5th, 1878
March 15th, 1961

Wood, Edward Frederick L., 1st Earl of Halifax* April 16th, 1881
December 23rd, 1959

Wood, Howard Kingsley* August 19th, 1891
September 21st, 1943

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