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Orden Krasnoi Zvezdy

The Order was established April 6th, 1930 in recognition of outstanding services in the defense of the Soviet Union -either in war or in peace time- and can be awarded to officers and men of all armed forces or to separate units. It can also be awarded to collective civilian bodies. The award criteria werd established on May 5th 1930 by order of the Presidium of the
Central Executive Committee of the USSR. The first exemple was issued on May 13th 1930 to the civil war hero V.K. Blukher.

The badge consist of a pentagonal red star; in its center a soldier of the Red Army bearing a rifle with fixed bayonet. The figure is surrounded by a circular inscription, in Cyrillic: 'Proletarii vsekh stran soedinyaites' (Workers of the world, unite). Beneath are the initials C.C.C.P. (U.S.S.R.) and an image of a hammer and sickle. The decoratrion is worn without a ribbon, the service ribbon is dark red moiré with a central gray stripe.
Until the introduction of the 'Irreproachable Service Medal' this Order was frequently issued to commemorate a jubilee.
A number of types are in existence, the most important differences being the various mint marks. There is also a duplicate badge which was issued after loss or theft of the original badge. Duplicates had their serial numbers removed and replaced by the number of the missing specimen.
The award document was provided as a standard booklet with a red, hardcover.

The different versions can also be devided according there numbers. The numbers themselves can be placed in years of awarding.

Total vieuw of awarded decorations on numbers for each year (WW2 included):
1933: 109-210
1934: 219-302
1935: 458-705
1936: 727-1918
1937: 3035
1938: 3220-4076
1939: 5015-6031
1940: 6251-7244
1941: 18094-22653
1942: 24515-73485
1943: 83320-301000
1944: 329491-999090
1945: 1003749-2860000
1949: 2877722-2890721
1951: 2991925-2980961
1952: 3016312-3068951
1954: 3199110
1955: 3311551
1957: 3462734-3543966
1961: 3556129
1967: 3615573-3644454
1971: 3678085
1973: 3696528
1979: 3714969
1982: 3738669
1988: 3789268

On base of the type as far as known:
Type 1: Goznak Mint: 205-754
Type 2: No Mint: 1053-1649
Type 2: Mondvor Mint, large and curved: 2647-7821
Type 2: Mondvor Mint, small and curved mark: 8664-10428
Type 2: Mondvor Mint, medium and curved mark: some in the 8700 series
Type 2: Monetny Dvor early Mint with ring around base of screw, 11849-319702
Type 2: Monetny Dvor early Mint without ring, 265992-556842
Type 2: Monetny Dvor Mint with curved ends, 529486-3831218
Type 2: Replacement examples Monetny Dvor Mint gnumber higher then normal
Type 3: Monetny Dvor Mint with three rivets: 24702-28263 (produced between 1941 and 1942)

Aganov, Sergei Khristorovich* June 4th, 1917
† February 1st, 1996

Akhromeyev, Sergei Fyodorovich* May 5th, 1923
† August 24th, 1991

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Kanunnikov, Vasiliy Petrovich00-00-191629-04-1945 
Karbyshev, Dmitry Mikhaylovich14-10-188018-02-1945more 
Karpenko, Mykola20-04-191414-04-1944 
Karpinskiy, Frants Filippovich18-06-190616-05-1945 
Kartoshkin, Arkadiy Nikolayevich16-12-192517-04-1945 
Kasatkin, Nikolay Yakovlevich23-12-192427-03-1945 
Kayukov, Matvey Maksimovich00-00-189228-10-1941 
Khasanshin, Mansur Rakhipovich12-12-192313-04-1975more 
Khmelev, Pavel Vasilyevich00-00-192313-12-1943 
Khomyakov, Maxim Ignatievich30-07-191224-10-1958 
Khrushchov, Leonid Nikitovich10-11-191711-03-1943 
Khudyakov, Sergei Aleksandrovich07-01-190218-04-1950more 
Kiselev, Ivan   
Koczara, Henryk21-01-192115-08-2006more 
Kokkinaki, Vladimir Konstantinovich25-06-190407-01-1985more 
Kokorev, Pavel Adreevich13-07-192125-04-1986more 
Kolbasa, Mikhail Yefremovich00-00-190816-04-1945 
Kolbasenko, Afanasy Vasilyevich00-00-191614-02-1942 
Kolbnev, Vasiliy Fodorovich24-02-190618-02-1945 
Kolchin Viktor Aleksandrovich00-00-192116-04-1945 
Konev, Ivan Stepanovich28-12-189721-05-1973more 
Korsun, Vladimir Wolf16-11-192317-03-1950more 
Koshkin, Mikhail Ilyich03-12-189826-09-1940 
Kosonogov, Lev Vasilyevich19-06-190417-11-1943more 
Kostin, Ivan Dmitriyevich25-12-191524-04-1945 
Kot, Vasiliy Andreyevich23-02-191610-11-1998 
Kotov, Vladimir Sergeevich09-04-191109-12-1965 
Kozhemyakin, Nikolay Alekseyevich16-10-192200-00-2003more 
Kozlov, Frol Romanovich18-08-190830-01-1965more 
Krovets, Aron Moiseyevich00-00-192118-05-1944 
Krymov, Vasiliy Panfilovich00-00-192507-05-1944 
Kulchytsky, Vladimir Dorofeyevich00-00-190500-00-1961 
Kungurtsev, Yevgeny Maksimovich03-10-192111-05-2000more 
Kurzenkov, Sergei Georgiyevich07-07-191118-11-1981more 
Kutsevalov, Timofei Fyodorovich21-01-190406-01-1975 
Kuzminov, Ivan Gerasimovich01-07-191516-04-1945 
Kuznetsov, Nikolay Vasil'yevich13-12-192114-04-1945